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My 'Alternative' Interesting Facts List


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In no particular order:

Not everybody loves Raymond.

Mario Lemieux and kd Lang were separated at birth.

Team Canada's soccer coach Holger Osieck looks like an older and even uglier version of Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Holmstrom.

Pat Buchanan will one day rot in hell.

In 1969, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River burned.

" Everyman " Michael Moore lives modestly in a 2 million dollar condo in NYC.

Booche and Davey Boy's combined age is 70.

Dr. Huxtable financially supports the Black Panthers.

Richard Nixon hated Trudeau... and vice versa.

Reba is a talented painter.

The Boston Red Sox will never win the World Series.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup.

The Toronto Sun is a rag... but it has a good sports section.

The Sky Dome sucks.

Rock radio's music programming doesn't have the balls to take chances.

The CBC should bring back those orange jackets. So to should HNIC bring back their sky blues.

Don Cherry knows boxing and baseball just as well as he knows hockey... and F.Y.I., his father Del was one of the greatest athletes in Kingston Ont.'s history.

The Blue Jays' uniforms look like pajamas... and are the worst in the Majors.

Over his career, Ben Johnson took less steroids than Carl Lewis.

Noam Chomsky generalizes jocks and the " jock mentality ".

For some reason, all of our parents believed that Liberace wasn't gay, he was just flamboyant.

Fitness guru Richard Simmons is tubby.

Julia Roberts is crazy.

So to is Anne Heche.

Mike Gordon used bad judgment, but Don Henley got off waaay to easy in 1980.

Video killed Three Dog Night.

Keith Moon liked brandy... a lot.

If Jim Morrison were alive today, he'd hate The Tea Party.

Keith Richards may one day look good for his age.

Bill Wyman has started looking like an aging movie starlet from the 1950s.

Diana Krall has never written a song.

Lemmy is reeeeeally ugly.

Sid Vicious couldn't play bass.

Ozzy didn't memorize " Take Me Out To The Ball-game ".

Guitars should not be manufactured in Korea and Mexico.

Kingston should be the capital of the world...

... and Canada is the greatest country in the world.

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Originally posted by Jaimoe:

What's the Scherzo have going on next Sunday night? I'll be in town.

Sunday's are pretty much the only nights without music, at least as far as I've been told. We were doing jazz jams all summer, but the players will be gone, so I dunno what'll happen.

There have been talks of a new Sunday plan, but nothing I can confirm


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