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Former SNL/SCTV alumni Tony Rosato's bizzare case goes to court


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I've been a fan of Tony since his early SCTV days and liked his brief tenure on SNL during the Eddie Murphy years. I met Tony a couple of years ago since he was a neighbour of mine in the building on Broadview Avenue that gets mentioned in almost every article. I even saw him with his estranged wife and new baby a month before his reportedbreakdown. Here's a report from the Toronto Star:


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There was this pretty bad American version of Fawlty Towers called Amanda's Place. It starred Bea Arthur as the owner of a small hotel. Tony Rosato played the role of Manuel (that was the character's name in Fawlty Towers - I can't remember the character's name in the new version.). I remember him being quite funny in that show.

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I remember the skit on SCTV where Tony played Lou Ferrigno and was a guest on the Mike Douglas Show afternoon talk show. Rick Moranis played Douglas and Dave Thomas was Liberace. Douglas and "Lee" got Ferrigno to take off his shirt and flex while they felt his muscles. I love Ferrigno's line: "What are you, a couple of..."

Douglas: "We'll be right back".

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