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Google Maps EMBEDDED!


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it's about time. yahoo pipes could handle this functionality for a while, but now it's good to see google make it available while cutting out the cumbersome middle man, all without the API

Check out the list of Ottawa venues I made. You can hit the 'larger map' link at the bottom for the full map.

bouche, can you sticky this map in the Ottawa calendar forum?

View Larger Map

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ummmmmmmmm want me to take the link and copy and paste it to the other forum?

what different zoom level do you want? i think it automatically sets the zoom level to the extent of the objects in the map. the user can go in and zoom to their content though.

assuming the map is centred where you want it, you just have to play with the "z=" field. I think the default is 10. The greater the number, the higher the zoom. I also think the highest res imagery anywhere in Google Maps warrants a zoom of 23, so there's your scale.

(i know this is pasted in markup rather than html - i wanted to point out where you can edit the zoom level)

doesn't seem like you can edit it in the iframe stuff - edit - just customize map before copying and pasting code. see three messages down.

View Larger Map

but it does exist in the links you can send in email, etc etc (http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&om=1&msa=0&msid=113469557717937038079.00000111c35de57340772&ll=45.518205,-75.808415&spn=0.45129,1.2854&z=10)

i'll dig into this to see. but i don't really see why the user can't just zoom to where they want.

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ok - it's the spn variable that determines the lat / long span of the initial view. in the case of my map above, it is "spn=0.336786,0.583649" Try playing with these numbers to set the initial zoom level to where you want it. The spn= tag takes the place of the z= in the iframe code when you don't customize the map for display.

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fack this was all so simple, disregard all that stuff i posted above, i'm gonna leave it for the nerds though -

bouche, when you use the 'link to this page,' do not just paste the first link, select the 'customize and preview', get your map looking how you want it in the pop-up page, and then copy the newer code (which contains the z= tag) into your page. it's done. just customize before pasting the code.

of course it's easy.

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