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Killer Dog!


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So Nellie and I are dog sitting her mom's little pooch, I believe it's some sort of terrier. It immediately hated me but seemed to like Nellie and her two year old daughter Aizlin as the dog knows them. At one point this afternoon it growled and barked at Aizlin and Nellie yelled at it to go to it's bed (dog crate). Nellie locked the gate and now we can't get it out. Anytime one of us goes into that room it freaks out and looks like it's going to rip our faces off. I have a theory that it's tasted human blood before and it wants some right now.

Any dog whisperer's out there that wanna come over so we can go see Blue Rodeo tonight without worrying that we'll come home to a mutilated babysitter and toddler?

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