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Broken Social Scene tonight..


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[blurb]I managed to check out the "soundcheck gig" early this evening at Lee's Palace for Broken Social Scene in support of the new Kevin Drew album. It was a 7pm showcase style gig. The audience was in large part composed of people who won tickets through 102.1 I do believe.. No tickets were for sale. The 2nd gig is happening as I type this. Anyways..[/blurb]

I haven't seen BSS play since the summer they played Ottawa Bluesfest and Hillside. The core of the band that is playing on the current tour (kicking off tonight and going strong right 'til Christmas more or less) is Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, Brendan Canning, Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set), Bill Priddle (Treble Charger) and Sam Goldberg. No horns, no ladies, no strings & bows. They came out strong, opening with the first track off 'Spirit If...', a great show opener IMO. They did the first few tracks off the album. Special guest TOM COCHRANE added a certain flare to the show! He played on 'Lucky Ones', as he does on the album. It was pretty hilarious seeing him up there striking these rock guitar poses. Sam Goldberg and Peroff looked particularly amused by it all. A guy from Bloc Party and a guy from Raising The Fawn came out for 'Stars And Sons'.. Later, Andrew Whiteman came on and quickly took over for Sam Goldberg for the last 2 tunes.. 'Cause = Time' and the "i'm all hooked up" one to finish er off.

They sounded great if not a little bit rusty. A few false starts here and there, a few off key vocals here and there. But overall pretty tight and high energy. It was great to see them again and after tonight, I'll likely try to catch them at the Kool Haus gig in December. They've got upcoming shows in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. That's it!

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