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A Q for the Guitar Players


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So now that ive gotten the handle of building up my own pedals, a buddy that i work with wants me to build his brother one for Xmas. he doesnt play himself, so he doesnt really know what his bro wants. He asked me, "what kind of pedal would you suggest for a starting out player thats not really good? you know, something that sounds good, and might even make him sound better when he is just farting around. what did you want as a first pedal when you were starting out?"

my first thoughts were a fuzz pedal, as they are easy+cheap to build, but the guy doesnt want that.

now my Q to y'all is the same Q he asked me: for a beginner, what would you suggest?


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yeah im thinking of a fully loaded phaser too, his amp already has reverb and a dist. channel.

last night i found some plans for a "fully loaded" phaser, based on the old MXR phase 90, but with so many mods, a toggle switch to change the phase from 2stage to 4stage( 90-45), 2 more knobs(feedbck + resonance), and a toggle switch to change the voicing of the phase to be more throaty and liquidy to simulate a univibe.

thanks bradm

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Having got one a little while back, and realising I wish I'd always had one, I'd say compressor/sustainer.

I thought about that (especially because I think it should be pretty easy to build), but I'm not sure it's appropriate (or useful) for a beginner, as its effect on the sound can (or should) be pretty subtle; to an untrained ear, compression often sounds like a simple volume boost, which is why I suggested a phaser, as you can easily discern its effect on your sound. Compression is also, I think, more needed for players in a band situation, rather than for beginner players who (for the moment, at least) are only playing bedrooms.



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i think ill buy the parts for the phaser/univibe for the guy.

DEM: cheeers to loving a good sustainer, i bought one a while back, love it, but am thinking of building this nice 5knob one i found plans for, kind of the best of all compression worlds, its circut has the best of the Orange Squeezer, the dynacomp and the Ross.

jaimoe: i was thinking a TS or some other dist/fuzz/OD pedal would be good, shit, thats almost everyones starter pedal, but the guys adamant that he dont want one, as his amp has a dist. channel already lol. sooner or later he will learn im sure.

thanks to all for the input

have a good weekend

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