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Iraq: 5th Anniversary/4000 dead US Soldiers

Kanada Kev

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March 17, 2003 Dubya announces the invasion:


President Bush speaks from the White House on March 17, 2003. Bush delivered an ultimatum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, giving him 48 hours to leave the country.

Five years pass and Iraq is worse than ever and there's no proof that the world is a "safer" place.


I just watched the documentary "No End In Sight" last night. It was FANTASTIC!!! In a very concise and comprehensible way, it reveals a lot about how the whole Iraq/Afghanistan situation exploded, was ill-maintained, and still fuckin' up today. Catch it on Newsworld replay if you can;



Sunday March 16 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq's descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality and anarchy, NO END IN SIGHT is a jaw-dropping, insider's tale of wholesale incompetence, recklessness and venality.

Based on over 200 hours of footage, the film provides a candid retelling of the events following the fall of Baghdad in 2003 by high ranking officials such as former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine (in charge of Baghdad during the Spring of 2003), Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, and General Jay Garner (in charge of the occupation of Iraq through May 2003), as well as Iraqi civilians, American soldiers and prominent analysts.

NO END IN SIGHT examines the manner in which the principal errors of U.S. policy - the use of insufficient troop levels, allowing the looting of Baghdad, the purging of professionals from the Iraqi government and the disbanding of the Iraqi military - largely created the insurgency and chaos that engulf Iraq today.

How did a group of men with little or no military experience, knowledge of the Arab world or personal experience in Iraq come to make such flagrantly debilitating decisions? NO END IN SIGHT dissects the people, issues and facts behind the Bush administration's decisions and their consequences on the ground to provide a powerful look into how arrogance and ignorance turned a military victory into a seemingly endless and deepening nightmare of a war.

The film systematically dissects the Bush administration's Iraq policy decisions and their consequences, which now include 3,000 American deaths and 20,000 American wounded, Iraq on the brink of civil war, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths, the strengthening of Iran, the weakening of the U.S. military and economic costs of over $2 trillion. It marks the first time Americans will be allowed inside the White House, Pentagon and Baghdad's Green Zone to understand for themselves the disintegration of Iraq.

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4000 DEAD US soldiers now :(

Looked at Fox News online yesterday and it was hard to find the story at all! You could easily find out the latest on Lindsay Lohan though :/

Bush expressed his sadness for the dead yesterday and then quickly added that they all VOLUNTEERED!!

How the FUCK can this president not get impeached? Blow jobs get Clinton in the hot seat and eat up time money and resources yet this doesn't? Nope, doping in baseball is taking up too much of Congress' time i suppose.

Right-click and view the following image in full size.


Then do the same with this one:


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4000 DEAD US soldiers now :(

Bush expressed his sadness for the dead yesterday and then quickly added that they all VOLUNTEERED!!

What a dick. Volunteered because they wanted revenge over 9/11 all the while unknowingly helping and giving their lives for the bastards that were behind it. Man the whole situation pisses me off. I really feel for the innocent people who were/are in the dark who have been effected by this stupid war and the monsters that are rolling in the profits because of it....rrrrrrr

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Thanks for the tips M.O.B.E. I'll be checking out those 2 docs and see what I can get through of the Ring of Power (work gets in the way ).

One that I encourage everyone to watch is IRAQ FOR SALE. It's absolutely ridiculous what it reveals in terms of a corporation-sponsored, and profiting, war this is. And at what expense? the Iraqi people and US armed forces. Scary shit. Let me know if you want a copy. I really wish that they could air this one night on prime time network TV in the US instead of American Idol or Desperate Housewives.


You can view it online here:

The director was invited to testify before Congress and he prepared a 4min video to show. The Republicans DEMANDED that it not be shown! Here is the video they did not want to see, or be shown:

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