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Last minute house band help, please!

Red dog

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Hey there everyone. I need to find a band that can do a lot of covers (top 40 old or new) and I don't know much in this area. It is for the red dog tavern, and also for TOMORROW NIGHT! Does anyone have some suggestions as to who could do it so last minute? The place is generally packed saturday nights as there has always been a house band that does covers, so the band would play to a good crowd.

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Ok this is who ended up taking the show, and did a bang 'er up job and was a super good guy. Rock thorugh the ages

On the hunt I happened upon some tribute band sites. It has always blown my mind what these people do.

Here are some of the sites I visited when on the hunt:


Is it just me or does alice cooper really look like Alice Cooper?

Tribute 2

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Tribute acts always crack me up. I when I did event programming in university we would always get brochures from the companies, and the breadth of acts that have tributes would always amaze me. I distinctly remember thinking at one point: does the world really need a Creed tribute band? (I was surprised to see a Green Day tribute as well, in that first link.)

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