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Mambo Nuevo


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Mamo Nuevo

Mike and I have eatten dinner here and breakfast and we both enjoyed every bite. A bit pricey but sooooo good.

Food is latin inspired (duhhhh) and they have a great cocktail menu.

I think it's the same owner as Kinki. It's the same elegance level as well.

I encourage you to eat a brunch on their patio with a mojito this summer.

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yep i think it's the same owner as kinki too. i've been there twice for dinner and both times it was quite nice! however i found that i liked the looks of the lunch menu the most and you're not allowed to order that after 4.

must go for lunch this summer! :)

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I had some of the worst service in my life there last week. I eat out a lot and don't mind paying for quality and as a general rule I tip very well, especially if the service is above average. I don't mind waiting for my meal, especially if the drinks come promptly.

I joined a friend there during happy hour, where a card on the table informed me that mojitos were going for $5. I ordered a mojito and a vegetarian tapas platter ($25). The drink took about 20 minutes to arrive. While waiting for the platter I noticed that tapas were on sale during happy hour for half price, so I was actually paying more for them by ordering the platter. The waitress should have informed me of this, but no mention was made.Eventually she showed up with the platter which was full of tasty looking seafood and meat. I pointed out to her that I had ordered the vegetarian platter and asked if it was not to late to order the happy hour deal. She informed me that it was too late and about ten minutes or so later she came back wwith the vegie platter.

I ordered a beer at this point. My friend got up saying he had to put more money in the meter. He picked up his cane and hobbled off the patio and shuffled his way very slowly the two blocks to where his car was parked. He made it back before my beer arrived. While waiting around I decided I wanted some pepper and salt. I went into the restaurant, found my waitress and got the salt. She told me she would be right around with some fresh ground pepper. She never brought it.

At this point I think I should mention that there were only eight tables occupied in the restaurant at it's busiest point and that there were at least three servers. I'll also say the food was pretty good. Not anything to get too excited about, but tasty enough.

Eventually we got our bills. We were charged $7.75 for the mojitos instead of $5 as advertised. My friend's tapas were all billed at full price as well. We brought it up with the waitress who informed us it was our fault for not specifying that we wanted the happy hour drink specials and the happy hour tapas. Our tapas were larger and the drinks had more booze. But we were there during the happy hour ordering the drinks they were promoting! What did she think we wanted? How were we to know that there was a special code for ordering?

At the end of it all she reduced the prices on my friend's drinks (but not mine) and still charged him full price for his tapas. I didn't tip, for the second time in my life.

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