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McCartney in Quebec


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Story about July 20 show in Quebec

Canwest News Service

Published: Monday, June 30, 2008

QUEBEC - This is one British invasion Quebec City will welcome.

Organizers of Quebec City's 400th anniversary bash announced Monday that Paul McCartney would appear at a July 20 concert on the Plains of Abraham to mark the celebrations.

"I am doing a big gig in Quebec City," McCartney said in a video message taped in London to announce the event. "That is to help Quebec celebrate their 400th anniversary - that's a long time!"

The show will be the ex-Beatle's only North American performance this year and is his first concert in Canada since 2005.

McCartney's presence brings the type of headliner the organizers of the festivities were hoping for.

"Paul McCartney, is more than a celebrity, he's a legend, a reference, a musical and cultural icon," said organizer Daniel Gelinas. "His presence here will draw the attention of the entire world."

"Music is a good way to celebrate an anniversary like this. It's a universal language which unites everyone," McCartney went on in his video message. "Our two countries have historic links which remain important today. We're eager to celebrate this 400th anniversary with Quebec."

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I just booked my hostel for the trip and I can't wait.

I was at the Anfield Liverpool Sound concert on June 1, and I wondered to myself when I would next get to see Sir Paul McCartney? I would have never guessed less than two months away in Quebec City with hundreds of thousands of fans on the Plains of Abraham for FREE!

Peace and Love,


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