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What are the Spades up to?


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Looks like it is to be a busy fall. Plans are in the works to go coast to coast once again mid Oct - end of Nov. We will be bringing a special show that will include us up there on stage for long portions of the nights and giving it the old “everything we got†for 6 weeks or so.

Also we are heading back into the studio for several weeks in September and October with our producer (Gord Sinclair) at The Bathouse studio. Really excited this time to be going in while tunes are fresh and a few still smoking from the last tour. We have a bushel full (25+ songs) and have started meeting with Gord weekly to weed through and pick the first batch to start on. Lots of rock and roll this time around, maybe mix in some psychedelic pictures, and really … it is hard to say. The band is very focused (not that we were not before) and the flood gates are open. I’d expect something a little different in the approach but we are what we are and will sound off as thus.

Have been spending all waking and sleeping hours in a trance. Ideas floating around, new lyrics, old revamps, “what if we started the tune this way?, here we could actually create the sound of a storm, or could we?, shit yeah, why not! … it will be one continuum, not a concept, just an albums worth of musicâ€. Writing on scrap paper, recording speaking voice directions “C to Am in chugs to open up into 6/8″, thumbing through pages and pages of bite size cluster, I’m sure every bump in the night idea will propel us somewhere. It has added up to nothing but smiles around here so far.



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seems like i haven't seen them forever...

hope they are coming around in the next few months! (not november though, please, thanks ;) )


The Spades are in the midst of recording the follow up to Let It Grow and will be hitting the road in October for a national tour. There is a planned stop in Ottawa in late October....more to come over the next week or so.

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