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Gary Louris/Mark Olson-New Album Jan-Mod Club Feb 4


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Looks like the new album that they have coming out(Ready For The Flood) has been delayed into January, they are going to be playing the Mod Club on Feb 4th 09'. I thought that both the album that Louris had out this year as well as the show he played at the Mod Club were quite good, hopefully this deal will be as well. My Jayhawks catalog has gotten pretty well worn this year so I'll take anything related that I can get my hands on for sure...

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Hi Marc!!!!!

Yeah, I wish that I could make this show!! Thanks for laur for hooking me up with the vagabonds disc for my b-day. I've been loving it. Sweet, soulful vocals. I'll have to thicken up my louris/jayhawk collection for sure.

Unfortunately i don't think this show is in the cards for me. If it wasn't the "dundas girls gone wild" this coming friday, i'd be in for sure. but i don't think i can do both in the same week. gotta rest up!

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