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Where can I buy cheap non-presciption glasses??


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I know its an odd question. I have 20/20 vision, but I am looking for non-pres glasses for stealth recording purposes and I cannot seem to find any for cheap. All the optic stores sell them for the same price as pres glasses so (70-300) pfft no thanks. And all the "off the shelf" style that have markings like +0.25 hurt my eyes, (like I said my eyes are good).

Does anyone know anywhere I can buy cheap cheap non-pres glasses in Ottawa?


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Try ClearlyContacts.ca. They have sales all the time - picked up a pair for $12 last time they had a sale, shipping included.

On a quick glance the cheapest seem to be in $30 area, but I'll investigate more.

Have you considered engaging in activities to make your eyesight worse? That way, you'd be getting your money's worth from prescription glasses.



Of course I have, I mean I read your posts. :P

I'm pretty sure one of the many different dollarstore franchises may have what you are looking for.

ding ding ding

The weirdest thing is that I can't seem to find my familiar dollar stores. You see I hardly go out to shop or go to plazas/markets. I went to my local one a Greenbank square...closed. I went to Bayshore Mall the one is closed there too...for THREE years' date=' haha. I feel so old (except im young).

Doesn't anyone want to know why this guy wants glasses for stealth recording purposes?!

He must be a spy' date=' trying to disguise himself.


Haha, nah its for recording live music shows. My mics clip onto glasses' frames, and so the music doctor says I need glasses.

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