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children's words that warm the heart

mark tonin

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My family and I recently recovered from a nasty stomach bug. It hit my son first, and he was also the first to recover. It hit me last, so I was still very sick when he was better. At one point I was huddled under the covers in bed, hoping and praying that I would feel better soon. My son quietly entered the room and whispered "Are you ok Dad? Is there anything I can do for you to make you feel better? Is there anything I can get for you?" Words to warm a Dad's heart.

I have a running joke with my daughter about being "the best Dad ever." If I do something nice for her, we'll kid around with each other and she'll call me "the best Dad ever." This morning we all woke up and a request was made for somebody to head out on this snowy cold morning to get some freshly baked bread from our favourite bakery. My wife and I were both reluctant to go, as it meant getting dressed and venturing into the snowy cold. Finally I joked and said that I'd go in order to retain my status as the best Dad ever. My daughter said "you'll always be the best Dad ever." Words to warm a Dad's heart.

Being a parent can be extremely challenging at times. It's amazing how a few words can warm the heart and make it all worthwhile.

Wishing everybody a new year filled with words and actions that warm the heart.

Peace, Mark

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Wow, thanks for sharing that Mark. As new parent, that's really inspiring and nice to hear, especially with tough times happening here in the capital. I wish more people could just point out and cherish those moments more often.

I can't wait for my little guy to start talking!! Although the hugs and kisses he gives so often show me he loves me, even if he can't say it..hehe :)

Have a wonderful, warm hearted new year :)

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MArk, You absolutely made my new years. This is something that I am so looking forward to. Mellie is due at the ned of January and all we can think of is our new addition to the family. get ready cat and dog... your lives are about to change... but not as much as ours!

All the best to you Mr Tonin.. much love and a Happy New Years to you and your family. Your rein as best dad ever may be up soon... ill keep you posted!

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