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TextPad vs BBEdit help


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My laptop pretty much just quit and I'm trying to complete something - I have a Mac here at my disposal but Mac is a whole new world to me.

Anyway question - in TextPad I am able to click on the little globe to see what my page will look like, I've been trying to figure out how to do the same in BBEdit....

Anyone know? I'm kinda rushing and don't really have time to teach myself BBEdit completely tonight, and I think I clicked on everything there was to click but there must be some way to view it??? Or no?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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I found it in one of the drop downs "View in BBEdit" I think is said (not home right now - going from memory)

Again I was rushing and only heard/read about BBEdit last night as far as text editors go for PC vs. Mac. from a quick search when my laptop decided to give me difficulties. Again still all new to me.

I think my laptop is pooched though so is there another one I could use for Mac that's better with the same features as TextPad. I'm not even sure if there is TextPad download for Mac or not??

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