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Old Montreal Food Experience


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Ling and I did the Aix cuisine and it was excellent. Had a mixed mushrooms starter and the smoked seafood starter (both fun and tasty), both had the halibut, which was perfectly cooked and had nice accompaniment (israeli couscous, which is fat and tender and quite creamy, with lobster sauce and seasonal veg), and closed with the chocolate fondant which was great.

THey've got a pretty incredible wine selection, but be forewarned that prices range a lot. I didn't bother asking what the wine by the glass cost, and it added a big chunk to the bill.

Also nice that you can pop upstairs afterward to the Suite 701 and have a nightcap or whatever. They also have a selection of about 5 open reds by the glass, good service and nice ambiance.

All in all, a great night out.

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