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Sufjan Stevens


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Sufjan Stevens put on a phenomenal show. The new material from 'the Age of Adz' was fantastic. Videos were incorporated behind the eleven piece band to help tell the story of the new album. 'the Age of Adz' was inspired by the life and artwork of Royal Robertson and a lot of the videos showed his work.

The whole show took material from 'the Age of Adz' as well as the EP 'All Delighted People' which came out in August and the show ended with three songs from his last "Fifty States Project," 'Come On Feel The Illinoise!"

The opener Buffalo native DM Stith accompanied Stevens for the entire show minus "Enchanted Ghosts" on background vocals and sometimes piano.

Sufjan Stevens is the complete package and I only wished I had seen him before. Though now I am sure I will see him again after this performance at Massey Hall.



Sufjan Stevens

Massey Hall

Wednesday October 13, 2010

Start time 8:59 pm

1. All Delighted People

2. Heirloom

3. Too Much (Not the Dave Matthews Band song)

4. Futile Devices

5. Age of Adz

6. I Walked

7. Now That I'm Older

8. Vesuvius

9. Get Real Get Right

10. Enchanting Ghost

11. The Owl And The Tanager

12. Impossible Soul

13. Chicago

Encore: 14. Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois

15. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

End Time 11:02 pm (Total time 2 hours and 03 minutes)

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