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Albany night 2


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Phish, Albany NY 11/28/09

Set I:

Party Time

Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

Uncle Pen



Walk Away



Split Open and Melt



Backwards Down The Number Line

Set II:

Seven Below >


Cool It Down

Gotta Jibboo

Let Me Lie

Wolfman's Brother


E: You Enjoy Myself

*24min Seven Below

**22min Ghost

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It was amazing. The first set was incredibly high energy, not slowing down until Joy, with many a nice treat including Walk Away, Sanity, and Vultures.

The second set, oh my goodness, what a set it was. Seven Below was a great opener that seemed like it was never going to end - there were so many different movements and feelings and changes. Ghost was quite similar, just with a funky egde. 45 minutes between the two of them. Jibboo, Wolfman's and Julius all had great tight jams, again with a tonne of energy. I know Let Me Lie isn't hugely popular, but it fit in perfectly in the second set for a much needed breather.

After the insanity of that set, I don't think anyone could have predicted a YEM encore. The instrumental section was tight and pretty flawless IIRC, and the post-tramps segment had night short solos from everyone. The vocal jam was madness. Scary, funny, eerie, apocalyptic even? I was in a fit of delighted rage throughout, though a couple of relative Phish-newbies taht I was with were actually kind of unimpressed.

Overall, I rate is as my favourite Phish show out of 7 - highly recommended as a download if you haven't already (with props to Alpha for the link)

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