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Meal #1 Breakfast (7:00-8:00 am)

For breakfast I start out with 10 raw almonds (yes, I count them) and a banana while I prepare my scrambled eggs. I cook 3 whole eggs in a skillet. I mix in some frozen spinach, precut onions, green and red peppers, premade pico degalo, mushrooms, dark red kidney beans, and a little cheese and salsa. Very tasty!

I eat my scrambled eggs with a 8oz. glass of Orange Juice and do a little light reading while I eat. Once done, I pop some pills: GNC Multivitamin, GNC 1000mg Vitamin C, GNC 400 IU Vitamin E, Carlson 2,000 IU Vitamin D, Biotest Flameout Fish Oils, and two GNC Super Digestive Enzymes.

You may be wondering if all of these pills are necessary? I would say they are not necessary, but more like insurance for optimum health. At the least I suggest taking a good multivitamin and fish oils. Personally, I like to take extra antioxidants like C & E, and take some digestive enzymes to help process and absorb all of the food and nutrients I eat. I’m a pretty healthy guy, so I think this approach is working for me.

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