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Big Oil "conspiracy"


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..."Operation Kabriole" was planned and executed with the direct involvement of a Calgary based oil and gas business. Alberta Energy Company has a big operation in the Peace River country.

The RCMP's original plan was to blow up one of AEC's trucks. The company convinced the police to change the operation even though AEC had already given its approval, offered up a truck to be bombed and said it would pay for any major damages...

Read the whole article here, at CBC news.

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Nibbler, please elaborate on this. It's hard to glean the point you're trying to make with the "conspiracy" in quotes, the quotation posted above about the AEC / RCMP schmozle back in the day, and then your rhetorical questions-answering-questions that don't really address anything.

Are you alleging a connection between EnCana and the RCMP similar to the AEC case in 1999?

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I'm not alleging anything.

Operation Kabriole was designed to frame Ludwig as an eco-terrorist.

The article I posted summarizes how our Government (RCMP) planned a False Flag Terrorism Operation 10 years ago with co-operation and funding from the Oil and Gas company, AEC.

I am in no way suggesting that because the RCMP were ready, willing, and able to stage an act of terrorism then, and let the axe fall on an innocent Canadian's neck, that they would ever try it again.

That would just be crazy!

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April 19, 2000, Mr. Ludwig is found guilty of five counts related to his war against the Alberta oil and gas industry, including blowing up a Suncor oil well. He and Mr. Boonstra are also found guilty of vandalizing a Norcen Energy well. Mr. Ludwig was also found guilty of counselling RCMP informant Mr. Wraight to buy illegal dynamite and for later obtaining that dynamite from Mr. Wraight.

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In 1951, under a system of parliamentary democracy, Iranians nationalized their oil resources, in effect ensuring that profits from the sale of Iranian oil resources would not only benefit an imperialist Britain, but would also share the oil wealth back to the Iranian people.

In response, a short two years later, the CIA staged a covert operation to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian government, installing the Fundamentalist Shah as a docile replacement. The CIA also trained the Shah's secret police force. In a short time, Iranians went from living as free and democratic people, to people living in constant fear of entrapment, rendition, torture, and execution at the hands of the puppet state's secret police. The oil flowed and so did the profits, but not for Iranians.

Stories of interest to Canadians from the last decade:

-Unprecedented growth in the Oil and Gas sector of the economy, backed by Canadian financial institutions and supported by Federal Governments under Paul Martin and Stephen Harper

-Operation Kabriole

-Maher Arar's illegal rendition and torture

-RCMP unaccountability displayed at the inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski

-Punishing truthers/whistleblowers e.g. Richard Colvin, with respect to Afghan detainees

How does it all tie together? Hopefully someone will figure it out.

Recent Federal Governments with strong ties to fossil fuel interests have helped create a Canada where a lack of environmental regulation, coupled with lax investment regulations have accelerated the growth of these non-sustainable industries. Over $140 Billion has been invested directly into Tar Sands development projects since 1997. Over $30 Billion has been invested into B.C. Natural Gas projects in the last 8 years. Plenty of grease to keep the political spin machine running.

Operation Kabriole is the tale of a government willing to break its own laws, violating the charter rights of its citizens in order to protect multinational fossil fuel interests. Rather than simply following up with health studies about sour gas that the people of Peace River demanded, our government chose to plan a false flag terrorism operation in order to protect corporate interests from the very real harm their actions are causing to the health of the people and environment. Thats Wyatt Earp style law and order. As such the beneficiaries of such tactics should have their motives examined. The legal system offered no legal recourse for Ludwig to solve the real problems of his grandchildren being stillborn from exposure to sour gas, and his livestock dropping dead from exposure. Thanks in large part to Ludwigs protests, his community's awareness of the situation grew, the people were increasingly angry about the way their health concerns were being ignored and dismissed by Government. The community collectively caused difficulties for the Oil and Gas company's expansion plans by blocking and sabotaging roads used by AEC. Ludwig was singled out as the precipitator to the community's awareness and anger, thus he was chosen to be the target of entrapment and a false flag operation designed by the RCMP working in step with representatives of Alberta's Oil and Gas industry. At the time Canada's reputation as a Human Rights protector nation was so solid, most people dismissed the allegations of false flags and entrapment as media hype.

Maher Arar's secret rendition and torture highlighted a federal government indifferent to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They planted seeds of fear while arguing "the nation's security" trumped Maher Arar's Canadian constitutional rights. They not only violated his Canadian charter rights, but internationally established human rights as well. The world disagreed with our governments' actions and condemned them. Our government told us it was justified because a video of Osama was giving them nightmares. The world noticed Canada's slipping stance on protecting civil liberties this time.

The inquiry of RCMP conduct in the Robert Dziekanski case shamefully highlighted that even when damning videotaped evidence of their own misconduct is shown to the world, truth is something the RCMP has trouble facing. To serve and protect their own rank and file seems to trump the duty to serve and protect all Canadians. The rest of the world noticed Canada again.

As a routine matter of doing his job, Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin reported on Canada's violation of the Geneva Convention vis a vis Afghan Detainee renditions, abuse, and torture. The federal Government's response to this situation was a character assasination of the whistleblower, and outright denial of the allegations. Their position crumbled when one of our own generals backed up Colvin's testimony. When these avenues of character assassination and denial failed, the government changed their position suggesting that Canadians don't really care about what happens to Afghans anyways. Indeed, the rest of the world noticed Canada again.

And there was no-one left to notice, when they come for us.

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Alberta Tory party backs nuclear power study

Last Updated: Monday, May 7, 2007 | 5:06 PM MT

CBC News

Grassroots members of Alberta's Progressive Conservative party voted Saturday to explore using nuclear power plants to assist oilsands development.

After the vote at the party's annual general meeting in Edmonton, Energy Minister Mel Knight suggested the province may not follow up on the idea of forming a committee to study the issue, saying the government is staying neutral.

"We will not have any development in the province of Alberta without open, public discussions with the public," he said.

Knight said it is in the government's best interests to be seen neither as an opponent nor a proponent of nuclear energy, but he is willing to listen to ideas on any forms of alternative energy.

Delegate Bill Dearborn of Medicine Hat said oilsands industries need a nuclear option as a bulwark against any future federal raids on Alberta's resource-based economy.

"We're familiar with these Liberal governments in Ottawa that have imposed unfair taxes on the oil and gas industry in the past," he said.

But delegate Don Dabbs said he participated in an earlier provincial study on nuclear power and that nuclear is not the way to go to generate steam power for the oilsands.

"A reactor to generate steam is not the principal purpose of a nuclear reactor. It's for electrical energy. It's a very expensive source of steam."

Energy Alberta Corp. recently announced it would file a regulatory application to build a twin-reactor plant in northern Alberta.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2007/05/07/alta-tories-nuclear.html#ixzz0fRJVHRL3

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(published three months after ^article^)

Company begins process to build Alberta's 1st nuclear plant

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 | 3:35 PM ET

CBC News

The Alberta company that wants to build the province's first nuclear reactor has taken the first step in the long and complex licensing process.

Calgary-based Energy Alberta Corp. said late Monday it had filed an application with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to build the proposed plant about 30 kilometres from Peace River in the province's north.

"This filing, the licence to prepare site, is the first of many steps in getting licences to build the plant," Wayne Henuset, president and co-chairman, said in a release Monday night.

"Building a nuclear power facility is a long and rigorous process. This is the beginning of a public and regulatory process that will include environmental, health and safety assessments. Public consultations will be an essential component of the process."

Assuming everything goes as planned, the plant will produce 2,200 megawatts of electricity when it opens in early 2017.

Henuset told CBC News a deal is already in place for the purchase of the majority of the electricity created by the reactor, but he won't reveal the customer, only saying none of the electricity produced will be exported to the United States.

The proposed site is on private land beside Lac Cardinal, about 30 kilometres west of Peace River. The community was chosen "because of the demonstrated support from the community, existence of essential infrastructure and support services, and technical feasibility," the company said.

The company proposal, budgeted at more than $6 billion, uses Atomic Energy of Canada Limited ACR-1000 Candu reactors.

The nuclear plants run by Ontario Power Generation, the leading nuclear power company in Canada, can produce 6,606 megawatts of electricity.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2007/08/28/alberta-nuclear.html#ixzz0fRKcS9C1

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Confiscation of anti-nuke signs draws Peace River protest


JANUARY 22, 2010

Photograph by: Supplied, edmontonjournal.com

EDMONTON — Six Peace River residents occupied their local Alberta Transportation office Thursday, protesting the department's decision to take down all anti-nuclear signs posted near highways.

The group sat in the lobby for five hours, promising to return unless told who made the decision.

Office staff brought them coffee.

Tensions have been high in the region since Ontario-based Bruce Power proposed a nuclear plant. The proposal is still going through an environmental assessment but the province has said it is open to the idea.

Many residents have nailed anti-nuclear signs up on their property but provincial contractors started removing them last December. Alberta Transportation says signs are banned along provincial highways for safety reasons.

Residents say only anti-nuclear signs are being removed, even if work crews have to step over signs from realtors or local businesses in the process.

"Whatever it takes, we're hoping to get some answers," landowner Victor Guerette said.

Protesters met Thursday morning with officials at Alberta Transportation, but the meeting broke down after 10 minutes.

District operating manager Bill Gish said the residents would not listen when he told them all illegal signs were being removed.

"I don't want to draw social policy or anything," he said. "I just want to make the highways as safe as possible. I'm just trying to do my job here."

The men vowed to return next week and have set out more signs on trees, fences and trailers around the site.

"They got orders from higher up," Guerette said. "We're trying to find out who gave the order and why."



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You could suggest it, but nuclear (bruce power) isn't oil (standard, gulf, BP, Texaco) and something tells me that a NOFX video would leave out some key points that I'd be able to either be directed to or find for myself...

...which have evaded me to this point.

'big energy conspiracy' maybe, but how is this OIL?

Money does what it wants most of the time.

What's the 'conspiracy' angle? more things to be tied together legitimately and not just coincidentally?

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My point of this thread IS the NOFX song/video.

The deeper point being that even a bunch of apathetic, lazy, drunk, drug-abusing musicians like NOFX can only handle pacifying the angry youth with skate tunes for so long before a guilty conscience kicks in.

Next thing you know they start reading Howard Zinn, connecting dots for themselves, and before you know it, they're making music which challenges COINTELPRO and the status quo.

For the record, it wasn't until after 9/11 that they grew balls.

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My point of this thread IS the NOFX song/video.

The deeper point being that even a bunch of apathetic, lazy, drunk, drug-abusing musicians like NOFX can only handle pacifying the angry youth with skate tunes for so long before a guilty conscience kicks in.

Next thing you know they start reading Howard Zinn, connecting dots for themselves, and before you know it, they're making music which challenges COINTELPRO and the status quo.

For the record, it wasn't until after 9/11 that they grew balls.

end thread. this is ridiculous.

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You could suggest it, but nuclear (bruce power) isn't oil (standard, gulf, BP, Texaco)

Not that it adds anything to the argument, or just to keep nibbler's nog spinning, one of the main investors/parent companies of Bruce Power is TransCanada corp. They're the ones writing the cheques on the restart.

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