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Any thing happnin in the peterpatch tues.?


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Like the great Iggie Pop said and I quote " I'm bored".

It sounds like you cat's totally frickin rock in that city. No, seriously, is there?

Man I think I might go bowling tonight.Could be a good thing. I heard they even have auto scoring now. SWEET!

Meow,I don't have a car so you'll have to come pick me up.

COme on bones. Please help me. What do sober people do?

Oh yeah I Dont work tomorrow either.

Come on earth freak you can figure out sumpin.

I could even go to a bar with the proper natural supliiments.You know what I mean bony bone bones.

Wanting to get out of the bush


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Bones? Did you knock Smelly off the wagon?

i could have farted and it would have been enough of an excuse for smelly to fall off...wait a minute i did fart!

I can't handle too many trips to the big smoke with ole smelly either....way too EXPENSIVE

Looking forward to tomorrow night though!

btw.....bob's princess...classic!!

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