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Lovely Puffs in the Snow


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So nobody's at my office today except me and the lovely big snowflakes are coming down. Well you get the gist. But don't you just love those puffs in the (fairer) winter weather. I think it brings me back to the holiday runs in '94 and '95 (last big runs I got to see). So what's your special winter moment (that involves the dank I suppose)?

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Originally posted by Tooly:

building an igloo on 2nd tubes lawn back in high school and hotboxxing it
[big Grin]

sounds like last year. we built a quinze (sp.) in a friends parking lot, and drank and smoked in it... haha. someone else may know more about quinzes. its like an igloo, but easier. you just hollow out a big pile of snow.

the word burden becomes less meaningful with every repetition. burden, burden, burden...

see, whats a burden?

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