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Mayor McCA-peterborough dec 4th


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I think you heard wrong , there earthfreak. BA is the BOMB!

maybe-- i haven't seen b.a. put on a show before, but a poster advertising the show says he's a pud. that's all i'm goin on.

and i think it's b.a. that puts these posters together (that's just my impression.... could be way off) so if that's the case i'd say it's from a reliable source

you gonna be at the show poutine? i don't think we've met, have we?

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i'm gonna spill the beans on this one.. b.a. johnston = ratski = the guy who makes the posters!! its out!

this will be a fun night out! (too bad about the presentation and 15-page paper due on friday that will prevent me from going). =(

school is hell right now, make it stop!!!

what's going on in pbro on: sat dec. 6th? also friday the 12th and/or sat the 13th?

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KevO! I was gonna ask the same thing!

what the heck is goin on in ptbo on sat dec 6 - - i need to freak out - one and only exam is through at 10pm. (woooooooohooooooooo) darn milton for being so far away.

saw a sign today @grassroots there's a couple musicians playin on saturday - don't know who they are or anything, but it's an early show (8 i think?)

yeah, b.a.'s a pud, puddy pud pud... [big Grin]

(geez, i hope that's what the poster said !! or my ass is grass [Embarrassed] )

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that depends on this book report.

so far it's going ok, but i haven't started studying for my exam on saturday either.

since when do science geeks write book reports?!?! not that i'm complaining - it's a good assignment, but i haven't got a clue what i should be writing!

i'm hoping to make it out to relax for a bit anyway. what time does the open stage start?

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