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Grateful Dead Share Beautiful 'Truckin'' Video From Unreleased 1989 Performance


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Saw this one live.





The 6th annual Grateful Dead "Meet-Up At The Movies" is coming up quickly, hitting theaters nationwide this Wednesday, May 11th. For the uninitiated, "Meet-Up At The Movies" brings Deadheads together to watch film footage of the Grateful Dead, simulcast at movie theaters everywhere. This year will feature unreleased footage from a potent Dead show at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA, held on July 2nd 1989.

1989 is certainly one of the prime years from the Dead's later era, with Brent Mydland showcasing his skills on the keys throughout. In anticipation of this week's showing, the Dead have shared footage of "Truckin'" from the performance. Premiering on EW, keep on truckin' with this great video below:


You can also watch previously-released clips of "He's Gone" and "Tennessee Jed" by following the links. For more info about "Meet-Up At The Movies," head here.

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I love Truckin's from this era.

I was lucky enough to see back to back versions at my first two Dead shows right before Brent died. When the Good Ole Grateful Dead were inside of one there may have been no bigger party going on earth at that moment, perhaps ever. Everyone and everything was in sync with the collective unconscious amongst all participants. Videos will never explain what was going down. I cant even begin to imagine what a 1974 show must have been like even though I pretend to do such a thing. 

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By the way.............if anyone is wondering why I havent updated the 30 Trips Around The Sun thread it's because I feel rather intimidated.

It's the first night in Hamilton in 1992. It's a show I was at and let's just say.............well.............I was at the show and I know a number of folks on here (current or gone) were as well. I am awaiting a night I can sit back and really delve into it simply because I am already biased. I may as well let all that shine, right? 

Let's end with this. Our buddy buttoned up his winter coat for what must have been an hour after the show ended. 



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I have been waiting patiently, imagining that you just couldn't get yourself to the state you were in when you actually attended the show and you just keep trying and failing since the last time you posted. Then I wonder if I will get to read about the failures and the amount of times you woke up pant-less lying face down on your floor in front of your stereo with chip crumbs stuck in your beard.

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