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Project Object in TO tonight


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Looks like it was the same both nights, except with an on the fly alteration (it wasn't in the physical setlist) that they didn't play I Am The Slime in the main set, but instead it was done as the first song of the encore.


Set One

Don Preston Solo

Intro Eb Jam

Who Needs the Peace Corps?

Mother People


Debra Kadabra

Filthy Habits

The Idiot Bastard Son

Stick It Out

Big Swifty

Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder

T'Mershi Duween

Uncle Remus

Florentine Pogen


Set Two

Excentrifugal Forz


Uncle Meat

A Pound for a Brown on the Bus

Outside Now

Who Are the Brain Police?

Any Way the Wind Blows

The Deathless Horsie

Echidna's Arf (Of You)

Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?



I Am The Slime

Call Any Vegetable


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