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Hey Guys - here are some up coming dates for you. This is for both my solo stuff, as well as, my Grateful Dead infused project "Burt's Cat is Dead". BCD focuses on early to mid 70's inspired dead. 

March 4th - Stop, Drop and Roll, Toronto (BCD)

April 14th - The Casbah, Hamilton (BCD

May 6th - The Horseshoe (with Eat a Peach - Allmans Tribute) - (BCD) ***still a bit tentative

May 27,28 - Living Roots Festival, Fredricton, NB (Mike Solo thingy)

June 10th - Junction City Music Hall, Toronto (BCD)

As for Burt Neilson - I played with Jeff the other night and we are on it, we talked about it, and everyone is in. That being said, we are kinda more interested in a few low key Dakota shows - nothing to big. We want a nice relaxed atmosphere so we can have fun!!! So stay tuned for those...they will be announced most likely at short notice :)

And, if you want me to play in say Ottawa, or anywere acoustic...find me a place and I am available most weekends! I'm back baby!





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