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Daniel Johnston Jan 22, 1961 – Sept 10, 2019


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The outsider singer, songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston has died. His death was confirmed to NPR by his brother, Dick Johnston, who said that Daniel had just been released from a hospital yesterday, where he had been treated for kidney issues. Dick Johnston said that last night, Daniel had seemed well, but he was found dead at his home in Waller, Texas, near Houston, Wednesday morning. He was 58 years old.


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Daniel Johnston Selecting a Comic

Freakbynight and I met with Daniel's brother, Dick (Dick Johnston is a funny name combination to me).  He let us watch their warm-up and then invited us to join them for dinner at a korean joint.  Daniel wanted to stop at the comic book shop on bank street first, which is where I captured this photo.  Over dinner, they let me record an impromptu interview with Daniel which I later used in a podcast that Freak and I recorded.

Sad that he's gone now. He left a helluva legacy as an ultimate indie artist.

Of course later on there was a rough show at Zaphod's.   His local pick up band were pretty solid.  Here's a clip.


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