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Outside Its America!!!! Hey peeps........

Northern Wish

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Hey all,

Just thought I'd check in quickly while the boss is in a meeting. For those who don't know I am now living in Providence RI, working (after passing some exams this week) as an Electrical Facilities Engineer. I have been overwhelmed at the lack of courtesy in just about (or aboooot) every facet of life down here from horrible drivers, to rude waitresses and even a co worker who calls me a "scum contractor".......

I miss Canada and I miss my Skanks! After running into a bunch of Upper Canadians from Ottawa and Montreal and having some Canadian beers with some new American friends in the lots of Woostah and Nassau- I have new found appreciation for everything North of the 49th.

Yes I got my Destiny!!!! And tickets weren't that hard to come by- 11th row for Worcester about an hour pre show for only $40 and 20 burned cds. Nassua was a better show, but the crowd in Mass was way more into it.

If any of you are up for shows down here please get a hold of me at my new email address (another benefit of Canadiana- no one in IT here has thought to block out Canadian mail servers like they have with hotmail and the like): tseantaylor@canoemail.com.......

Sorry if this is rambling and contains no actual information, but more will come at the next managers meeting. I just don't want to raise any eyebrows with my net usage until after I start to get people to call me Sean instead of scum contractor.

Keep it real Canucks!!!!!


ps. Just so all know, we had a little posse of around 6-8 of us in Nassau and upon realizing we were amongst fellow countrymen, the loud cheer of Nero Fucking Rules!!!! went out, and 10.10.02 was played loudly for all to hear!

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Glad you're making it in the crazy south! Just wanted to tell ya I know this girl Liv who is related to you or knows you in someway. Maybe because of a sibling of yours or her boyfriend. She told me about this guy Sean who's into the message boards and Phish and I'm like 'I know Sean!'.


later skater=

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~Northern Wish~

I'm not alone after all !!! Nothing like working for a contractor in the good ol' United States of America. Hang in there buddy, it gets better the longer you stick it out.

Try being a Canadian, working for a Canadian Inspection Company on the North Slope of Alaska's oil wonderland - they don't even want people from the lower 48 up here - let alone Canadians. I think I liked the following statement the best I recieved from an operator:

"The way I see it - you Canadians are not any

better than those God damn Mexicans - stealing jobs from American people. "

If they only knew about the tax breaks - they'd be really pissed off.

Take care Northern Wish.



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