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bear fighting and dwarf tossing


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Hey man.. i like your style..

I enjoy deep sea human-fishing. It's a new sport we practice here in Florida.. Here's how it works..

All the prisoners on death-row are released into a lagoon that surrounds the prison. They are each put into fish "costumes", and they are released to fight for there freedom. But what they dont know is that there are also a team of deep sea fishers, equipped with spears, and a thirst for human blood, released into the lagoon from the other side. It's really something to see...

The best part of the sport is the feast and party that happens afterwards.. mmmmmm. tastes like chicken.

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I have always enjoyed watching old-footage American Army films featuring soldiers dosed out of their skulls trying to accomplish simple and meaningless tasks such as the famous

"What day is it soldier?"

or 'Obstacle Course For The Intrepid Travller'----

We all know the Super-Bowl champ in this field.......

"Where do you go when the lights go out?"

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