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Evolve word serious (kind of)


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Totally spun right around. Not impressed to see that my Unconscious has been posting again. Anyways bummer if whoever posted missed Friday cause it really was the show in a lot of ways. The Slip just played sick, big highlights were Wolof, Beatle to the Badlands and Nelly Gene. Could speak volumes about the Slip. Burt played hands down the best show I've ever seen them play, basically just played the super jams all nigh and only like 6 or 7 songs. Funkin Shoes and the Papa was a Rolling Stone just fucking blew it up. This was the definitive Burt version of Papa and was priceless.

Saturday's Slip was still smoking but maybe a bit more methodical then the raw emotion of the night before. So proud for Dave, the friend I never knew, bummer about selling his soul to the Boognish though. Jeff from Burt guested well as did Keith Mullins of JSB. Two hack percussionists came up after and made asses of themselves which was quite funny actually. Can't remember the rest of Saturday for the moment.

Sunday was a great wind down with really solid performances by the likes of Amelia Curran, Heavy Meadows (what music should be) and this bizarre circus ending to the Great Balancing Act set.

Said goodbye to my summer camp girlfriends, couldn't get one out of my mind. Saw her last night we declared our love for one another and apparently good things do occasionally happen to rotten people.

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