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Blue Quarter! ~ Go see them tonight


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That was WICKED!

These guys aproach their music like a band we all love that is based in Ottawa. 3 piece trance. How do you describe that kind of shit? Think Pat Metheny + Nero + Les Claypool + Devo..........

No singing.

Gentle Monkey, Rabid Monkey and Pablo Sanchez should all check this out!

I could hear a merge so easily, Pablo would love jamming with these guys and they would all love jamming with you.........

There isnt a guitar player so to speak, he plays a funny amplified stick/sitar type of instrument. His left hand does bass shit and his right does more melodic lines.

There are all Quebecers that met in Canmore. They have been together for 8 months. No Cd's yet.

That stick instrument is wild. He has a channel for a bass synthesizor and a Boss pedal for the other side. Something like that. It is so impossible to say without knowing for sure. You might think there is MIDI involved but it aint. Bouche is so confused how it wasnt.

Nice guys in the band. Bouche spoke to the stick man as I spoke with the rythym boys. Very talented band, covered Burt Bacarach.

Ok, go for a walk in the woods before you see them. I am heading for another one now......

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Another great quote: "If you do you do, If you don't you don't"


Go see those cats tonight at Babylon. I found myself stunned watching "the stick" being played mostly. There were a few times where there should have been about 6 people playing up there, but there were still only 3.

At first they sounded like a 3-piece jazz performance. Pat Metheny came to mind. It turned into a crazy arpeggio-athon with the boom-stick and a rhythmic beat box emulating a 101 and a 303 synth. In other words....cool.

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