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i thought Topher was up to....


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I spoke with a friend who works for a local concert lighting company.

He was telling me about how he almost got to go on tour as a lighting tech for The Dave Matthews Band. He's not a fan but he was interested in going cuz he's heard so much about the strangeness of their tours.

So I mentioned to him the fact that there were several riots at Dave Matthews shows last year - strange since they are a real non-violent kinda groove. Then he or I mentioned the band Phish and their infamous touring groupies remeniscant of the Grateful Dead. I mentioned the rumors that Phish concerts were test beds for mind control research.

He thought that very interesting because Phish are one of the only touring bands he is aware of that have ever requested their own programming to be implanted in the "lithos" of the lights. The "lithos" is a programmed action module within the light itself which interfaces with whatever kind of controller the light techs are using to manipulate the lights. The "lithos" had been specially programmed by the inhouse programmers in the R&D department of Lightwave Research at the behest of the Phish touring show. Also, these particular "lithos" were only controllable by Phish's special controller devices - my friend said he could not get them to work because none of his standard equipment could control the units.

The other strange thing, he said, was that when the lights were returned after the tour they were in the worst shape as any that had ever been returned. My friend says this was strange because they've gotten lights back from tours like Metallica and other metal/hard rock bands and they had never been returned in such bad shape.

My friend still has the special "lithos" modules from the Phish lights and I've asked him to question his friends in the R&D facility to find out a little more about the special programming that went into these Phishy lights.

Thought you'd like to know of this.

I'll keep you posted.

sounds PHISHY to me

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There is a huge discussion email list that I somehow became a member of. I still get the goddamn emails and can't stop them. Well, some are pretty funny, but it's called Agent Stardog, and alot of the messages are about Phish's alignment with the cosmos, and also mind control experiments like the one performed at the Loring Air Force Base in Maine. Some of you were there eh? Apparantly, there is a huge underground facility there that houses some major mind control experiments.

Mind control can also come in the form of sound waves. Take 2 notes running at 440hz (A) and then offset one of them by from 14-30 hz (one note is played at 426hz for instance) and then slowly bring the offset closer together.

By the time one note is played at 436hz, and the other at 440hz, you're brain actually interprets the signal to actually BE 4hz. 4HZ is the frequency your brain cycles at when you are in deep sleep or, a hypnotic state which would make you highly suceptable to suggestion. Ever hear

or feel any wierd vibrations at a Phish show?

Sound is a very powerful thing.

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Ever felt Mickey play the beam?

that was something else..........

ever felt it, on acid?

drumz>space was mind control on its best nights. I have never felt nothing like that.....

If the Great Went was about some mind control experiment, it failed. I had COMPLETE CONTROL YOU FUCKERS!


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