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Last night's tape...


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Hey all, I'm still working away here getting this puppy ready. Last night, Mike was telling me to encode it to mp3 and he would host it on an ftp... That's cool, though I sort of have this thing with mp3 (i.e. I hate them) ... I was just wondering who would rather have them in SHN or if I should just do both? I'm also going to put it on cd-r so I can B&P it to whoever wants a copy.

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True, well, I'm going to put it in mp3 and shn format.. I'm having some troubles with software on my PC right now, so it won't be ready too soon. I also have an exam on monday that I'm neglecting to prepare for, but right now, that takes priority... Don't worry though, I'll get it up soon enough.

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Alrighty, the show's all ready. There are three versions - SHN (1.24 GB), MP3 (still encoding), and CD-R (3 Discs). I will need some server space to host the files, and I'll be willing to do B&Ps if anyone wants this show on CD. Here's the info file:

Grand Theft Bus

The Bayou

Ottawa, ON

January 25, 2002


Taper: Andrew Berg (aberg83@hotmail.com)

Source: Sound Professionals Binaurals (SP-BMC-1) >

Sound Professionals Slimline Battery Module

(SP-SPSB-2) w/Bass Roll-Off @69Hz > Sharp

MD-MT99 (MDLP2 mode)

Location: 20 ft. in front of band. Mics taped onto

ceiling 8 ft. high.

Conversion: Andrew Berg (aberg83@hotmail.com)

MD > SHN: Sharp MD-MT99 > SB Live! Value > Sound

Forge 5.0 > Cool Edit 2000 > CD Wave >

mkw Audio Compression Tool > SHN




Disc One (67:01):

01: Track 1 08:03

02: Track 2 05:03

03: Track 3 22:38

04: Track 4 08:55

05: Track 5 22:22

Disc Two (72:55):

01: Track 1 07:31

02: Track 2 19:09

03: Track 3 05:22

04: Track 4 19:35

05: Track 5 08:50

06: Track 6 12:28

Disc Three (63:36):

01: Track 1 26:10

02: Track 2 19:57

03: Track 3 17:29


*If you know the track titles, send them to




- Fade In/Out at the start and end of each disc and

during the technical difficulties in d1t04.

- Disc ran out during d3t01, 15-20 seconds cut. The cut was

rendered seamless using Cool Edit 2000.

- Between d3t01 and d3t02, there were some errors in the

recording that were touched up with SoundForge.


Compiled 2002/01/27 by Andrew Berg


Trading List: http://db.etree.org/aberg83/

Taping Info: http://vv.carleton.ca/~aberg/taping.html

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