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Looking...but not finding...


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i'll rub feet for 20 bucks an hour and i'll use foot cream.

i'll even prepare baths for them to help draw out the toxins in your aching corns and bunyons.

the only thing is that i've gotta work for at least a few hours a day...i'd prefer if my clientele were women, but i can give a foot massage to a guy...but i am not a rub and tug...for guys... tongue.gif" border="0

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sure...then there has to be a couple of things affirmed: i will do this to anyone and I have to make sure my travel expenses are paid...i'm in london.

anyone in the southwestern ontario region can visit easily but for you i will either need a drive or train ticket.

you could always wait for may 24...i'm sure things could be worked out then.

(massage puns are the best)

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Yeah, I fully understood why you asked. Just screwin with ya.

May 24th is the first day of Hookhaville for me too. MMW and Railroad Earth added, eh! Awesome!!

May 2-4 is the name of out holiday the weekend before your holiday. I think once it must have been on May 24th, but not as long as I can remember. It's called that now because that's how much beer we drink per day that weekend.

So what time do you guys plan on going over to ann arbor? shall we meet at your house before. around noon perhaps? Can I still get a hold of you on your cell? I'll give you a call tonight.


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Originally posted by rubberdinghy:

Hey everyone...

I am currently looking for a part-time job...Not just an ordinary partimer, but something that would be fun, and I wouldn`t get bored of, I have looked around but to no avail...

Anyone know of anything that is available. Except McDonalds...

Well, free Big Macs would be a bonus..
grin.gif" border="0

This should fit the bill nicely: Click here for career

If you're nice to me, I'll put in a good word with the boss tongue.gif" border="0

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