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30 Years of Dark Side of the Moon


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-In June of 1972, Pink Floyd went to London's Abbey Road Studios to begin recording the music that would become Dark Side of the Moon. Since the departure of founding member Syd Barrett in 1968, bassist Roger Waters, keyboardist Rick Wright, drummer Nick Mason and Barrett's replacement, guitarist David Gilmour, had been trying to shed their associations with the Sixties counterculture. With the release of Dark Side the following in March, they would finally succeed. Held together by Waters' meditations on human existence and "the moments that make up a dull day," Dark Side is the ultimate concept album and sales success, charting in the U.S. for a record-setting fourteen years. For the thirtieth anniversary of Dark Side's release, Waters, guitarist Dave Gilmour and engineer Alan Parsons talked to Rolling Stone about the making of the classic album.

From Rolling Stone Magazine

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For me ( and for most I think ), Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd only with Roger Waters in the line-up. So, this quote from the RS interview makes any Floyd re-union all the more implausible. We all lose:

Looking back on your relationship with Dave Gilmour, what do you make of the theory that your input was based around organizing ideas and frameworks, and he contributed his intuitive musicianship?

That's crap. There's no question that Dave needs a vehicle to bring out the best of his guitar playing. And he is a great guitar player. But the idea, which he's tried to propagate over the years, that he's somehow more musical than I am, is absolute fucking nonsense. It's an absurd notion, but people seem quite happy to believe it.

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when I was 15, I took some "beans" as was a steady habit at the time and proceded to carve a prism and a ray of light with the defracting lights coming out the other side onto my belly hoping it would scar forever...

oh well, only young once...

(damn cuts healed over in only 2 weeks)

shine on you crazy diamonds

[big Grin]

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Floyd was my first musical obsession before I discovered Jambands. I still love them and pretty much everything they have done at every step (stuff with Syd, the glory years with Waters/Gilmour, and the David Gilmour Floyd years). I also love the solo stuff.

That being said, the best Floyd was when Roger Waters and David Gilmour were working together and creating some of the most amazing music ever. Any of the albums they worked on together - Meddle, Atom Heart Mother, Wish You Were Here, Animals, Dark Side, and even the Wall to some extent, are amazing. Gilmour is one hell of a guiatr player and has one of the most unique sounds you will hear. Waters however, is a genius when it comes to his lyrical ability and concepts. He is also a decent musician and I love his voice.

I saw Roger Waters live twice - one in 2000, once in 2001, and they were amazing shows. He certainly can put on a great live show and I was very impressed with his playing ability.

I used to think a reunion was the best thing that could happen, but I don't want to see two of my heroes out on the road hating each other just trying to make a buck. I hope they are above that now, since they don't need the money.

I would prefer another solo Waters tour actually.


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I love Floyd. Waters is too full of concept albums. Almost left out C. Numb because it didn't fit his concept.

Screw that.

Makes me wonder why he tours playing all of floyd's music if he's so much more musical than Gilmour.

Probably cause his solo work wouldn't fill up Massey Hall.

When i saw him live, it was great until he played his solo stuff. He should take his head out of his ass, and get back together with Dave, and create/recreate some of the best music ever written.

Hell, get Syd back online, and make it the biggest comeback tour in Rock and Roll History.

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