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Downtime @ Scherzo - You people arent ready!


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10:45 PM, we are getting there and I am DAMN ansy and somewhat pissed "They gotta be either onstage or getting onstage" They werent there. "Nothing's there." Not again. Holy DOY flashback Batman!

We ask the doorman what the Deal is, he says he has talked to them and they will be late.

phew .

The Punk's green bad-ass mini-van pull-up and the sigh of relief was as great as last nights run in with our first Head that set us up for the night at a cheap-cheap cost with NO worries, pull into the Comfort Inn's.

"Right on, brother's packin' heat......."

We help them carry their gear in and then go off to the alley. Soundcheck.................hahahahahaha, none of the crew seemed to know it was soundcheck and thought they were getting the first song of the first set.

Everyone is in high spirits, there is about 30-35 people there and we begin to realize we are actually going to hear Jeff play with another band, as he sets up his "partial" gear. Let me just say this now, he has made the PERFECT call on what to carry with Downtime.

The first set was standard "HOLY SHEET! HAVE THESE GUYS EVER TAKEN A NOTCH UP THE LADDER!" stuff...............

It was utter madness in there. You people are going to lose your stuff tomorrow night, but dance!

Mr Clean


Spanish Moon

Travellin Matt

Use Me (Bill Friesell cover, thanks E'rsch (sp?))

Hocus Pocus

I dont know the spellings, and the order may not be exact, but you get the idea. This was fun fun fun until daddy took her teabird away with the booting of the band off the stage. I didnt want to see them stop, yes, I am officially jaded for the 3rd time this week!

Jeff is way more than you understand with this band. I ended up learning more about the guitarist and drummer than I had ever thought possible. We all know that they are good, but most of you wont really know until you see the new line-up. Someone has added Kramer for 50 bucks!

Solar Slowdown

Zenith Space Command


Dirt Jam >

Drum Breakdown >

Jazz Jam >


Once again, this is as accurate as a wasted Booche can do talking to anyone aside from Velvet. The band knew what was going on, but here and there, I had to say "Ummm, I think Blah Blah Blah was played before Blah Blah Blah"

What do I know?

I'll tell you what, The Scherzo is EASILY my favorite room for a band. If you get a chance to see Pico De Gallo in Kingston at this bar on a Saturday night, do it............

This set was liquidy-funkified. The jams went over the top and built to chaos. I have seen some crap this week, and these boys kept her growin'.

I feel bad though, I have no idea how I hadn't noticed the profficiency of this drummer before. Pay attention, you WILL be blown. Sorta like a 1000 children dancing on a lawn-blown.

As Treyter just said: Oh, Downtime are a force to be reckoned with.

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yeah dude that was a great show...which song was it with the First Tube tease??? They almost slid right in but I think Jeff decided he wanted to stay where he was...

i left after Solar Slowdown...i had to get sleep or trouble was abound...but what a GREAT song that was...my favourite of the night for sure...i'm guessing the rest of the set was pretty sick too...


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