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I made it home... (finally)


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After a whirlwind (and totally unplanned) 3 day mini-Diesel Dog tour, I made it home.

Fri.: Tonin's party - what can I say that hasn't been said. Cheers to all who came out and made it such a good party. Marie, extra big thanks for the afterparty, NewRider and Alexis, thanks for the rides to the show, and to Diesel Dog for kicking my ass. Harvard Mouse was a nice surprise as well...

Sat.: Alexander's - From drinking in parking lots, to drinking in provincial parks, to drinking in vans, to drinking at the bar... Wow, I was drunk. Craziest afterparty I've been to in awhile, that hill was nearly the death of me numerous times... Diesel Dog played well, Fat Cats were good too (they covered "Golden Years" by Bowie, fantastic). Big thanks to Zephyr and Number 2 for driving us drunks around, and Esau for keeping the party going... Pasley and I tried to wake you up, but no luck... Passed out by the fire, which lead to...

Sun.: Brantford - Korey, Sara, Clifford and I decided to get things started properly after Zephyr, Number 2, paisley and Esau left... We got plastered, did a lot of falling, etc. (I'll gladly show off my scars to anyone who needs proof), me and Clifford even walked around Browntown with a portable CD player blasting Diesel Dog and dancing in the streets. Left there, hung out with Clifford and Moe, went back to Clifford's and passed out. Huge thanks to Dave and Chris for the afterparty (and after-afterparty), the food, and the good times. Clifford I owe huge, I knew him for less than a day, and he let me crash and fed me. Korey and Sara, nothing but love, and an extra special thanks to Greyhound and GO Transit for finally getting me home today around 3pm... Good times...

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why don't I know Clifford????

Clifford knows Moe (sp?), Dave, Chris, Korey and Sara... If you know any of them, they should be able to help you... Tall dude, blond hair with a pony tail, he was telling everyone directions to the afterparty at Alexander's...

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