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"If we stay, they will play..."


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I just got a call from one of my w00k buddies still in front of the stage, he is first row!

Anyways, he said there are about 2500 of them, and they are still chanting.........

He said it smells pretty bad, and they have just driven the porto-potties away. Apparently, the Phish are going to come on anytime now.

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I hope this wasn't any of the w00ks ya know Booche;

Authorities overlooked most of the omnipresent drug use during the Phish festival, but fans who thought they could continue the party on the road were handed a dose of law enforcement reality.

A smattering of people on their way home from the Coventry concert have been arrested on drug-related charges, police said. Five arrests were made in Hartford on Tuesday at a border patrol checkpoint on Interstate 91. Another concertgoer, traveling through Essex on Monday in a 1969 Volkswagen bus, was charged with possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Post concert, fans face drug charges

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I wonder why this only applies to a music festival? This describes our current culture.

"When the dike is leaking and there are more than 100 leaks and you've only got 10 fingers, you pick the biggest leak and deal with that," said Vermont State Police Lt. RayKeefe. "We were concerned with any armed robberies, sexual assaults and other key assaults that might take place. We couldn't worry about the misdemeanor possession of marijuana."

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