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A big THANK YOU from The Creaking Tree


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Hey all,

On behalf of my band, The Creaking Tree String Quartet, I want to thank those who made our first ever road trip this past weekend so much fun.

In Toronto our Tuesday night gig is always FREE. It's at the Caddilac Lounge and starts around 9:30. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Be well everyone.


Brian Kobayakawa

_ _ __________________ _ _

the creaking tree string quartet



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Nice to hear the gigs went well; I wanted to make it out, but was really just too tired.

For the next time you get to Ottawa (and/or the next time I'm in Toronto), what's Creaking Tree's policy on audience taping? Usual protocol: the recordings won't be sold, just offered for trades and B&Ps and uploads, a copy will be made available to the band, etc.



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My name is Booche. I am from Ottawa, and I am a Miss-a-holic on those gigs.

Well, this is all I have to say to myself concerning The Creaking Tree String Quartet,


I am sorry we couldnt make it. We found out about the gigs on the Saturday afternoon, and couldnt afford neither. I cant tell you how easily I would have went, but the timing was rather "poor".

Dont take it personally, because I am personally blaming myself. I would have gone. KevO recommended, and that is enough for me!

Next time boys, and let us know. I will certainly hole you boys up next time you are here, provided we are.

I need a mandolin teacher [Wink]


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So sorry that we had to miss it as well on Saturday. I hate missing a KevO pick.

I caught a very small sample at the Nathan Phillip's Square thing on Apr.12 and loved it.

However, before I knew it, there was another group ready to take the stage. I couldn't get over how many bands they had scheduled in such short intervals.

I think Blue Grassy High is looking for a group with talent to open for in Ottawa for a future gig [smile]

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