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Free Thought Film Series


When? Friday, March 25th

What time? 7:30 pm

Where? Sky Dragon Centre

24 King St. East, downtown Hamilton, across from the Gore Park Fountain, blue cloud-covered door

Calling his new movie an “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test on Tofu”, award-winning documentary director Ron Mann (Grass, Twist) joins actor/activist Woody Harrelson as he pilots a hemp-fuelled bus on an eco-consciousness raising incursion down the beautiful Pacific Coast. “Go Further” explores the idea that the single in dividual is the key to large-scale transformational change.

The film follows actor Woody Harrelson as he takes a small group of friends on a bio-fuelled bus-ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. Their goal? To show the people they encounter that there are viable alternatives to our habitual, environmentally-destructive behaviors.

The travellers include a yoga-teacher, a raw food chef, a hemp-activist, a junk-food addict, and a college student who suspends her life to impulsively hop aboard. We see the hostility these pilgrims encounter, and watch as their ideas are challenged from within and without.

We meet an entrepreneur who runs a paper company that does not harm trees; an organic farmer who believes Nature is his partner; a man who teaches environmental activists to use humor as a strategic weapon. And throughout, we see Harrelson test his belief that the transformation of our planet begins with the small personal transformations that are within the grasp of each and every one of us, after which… we’ll go further.

7:30 pm, $5 admission

Information: call (905)-777-8102 or email: kevin@skydragon.org

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enjoyed it for the most part... definately makes you raise your eyebrows... I thought the most interesting discussion was about the oil "bell curve" and how even if we're not out of oil our way of life will be radically altered... soon

western civilization is screwed :: :)

its cool seeing films at this place as the audience stays afterwards and discusses the film and potential actions that can be taken, etc... its a pretty cool setup

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i really enjoyed seeing 'end of suburbia' if it is possible to enjoy seeing western civilizations demise ...hehe. I think I will definitely be going to more of these Sky Dragon events and it would be nice to become involved in their center when it is up and running; maybe doing some of my 'wellness' work there.

Paisley---it is next week, not this week (just makin sure ya know) hopefully this time we both don't almost forget! ;):P

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