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excellent april 1 gag


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Nothing Happening With Warren Haynes

In a startling turn of events, Warren Haynes has announced that this coming Sunday he is going to “take it easy, maybe check out a movie.” Haynes is currently in Europe with Gov’t Mule for a relaxing tour following the Allman Brothers Band Beacon run. Upon returning to America he will fly to Tennessee to open a U.S Mule tour before traveling to California for the first leg of the summer Allman Brothers Band tour which will dovetail nicely with his solo acoustic dates which will bisect the Summer Mule Tour in between legs of the ABB Tour. As for this Sunday’s itinerary, Haynes explains, “It’s up in the air. (Guitar tech Brian) Farmer tells me that Miss Congeniality 2 is super cool. After that I’ll probably do some busking, hit the studio for a quick recording session, sit in with Cosmonauti, busk a bit more and call a rehearsal.”


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There are devils working in my office. Yes, rotten ones. To play a wee gag on one, my friend Sean and I got some chalk and drew a wheelchair sign on the head demon's coveted parking space (which she fights for tooth and nail...even the old folks trying to get to the chelation clinic beside us). This was to be a big deal. I chuckled all the way to work imagining the what-the-fu©k look on her face when she pulled into the lot this morning...only to get here and see that she's parked there anyway. Yes, apparently she has a bootleg wheelchair parking pass that she uses all the time. It didn't phase her one bit. :: I didn't even get into the "Don't you think this could be bad for your karma?" talk.

Sadly the joke will be when it rains and washes our chalk away. I should've drawn some hell horns on the damn logo. Bah!

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I still work for the Catholic school board. What horrendous swine!

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This morning I pulled a nasty one on Bouche. I pulled out our big chef knife, our cutting board and a tomato and poured beet juice over the cutting board and in the sink. I wrapped my finger in paper towel and starting Yelling "Mike come here I need you, oh maaaaaannn."

He came down stairs and started shaking and running around for bandages. Before it went on too long I yelled "April Fool's Day!!! He's still shaking though.

Now I feel bad. Good one though. :)

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