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Digable Planets


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So, I went to see the Digable Planets last night at Barrymores. Digable Planets is an old hip-hop act from the early 90s (I think).

What a different scene!

I hit a bunch of rock/jam type shows in a given year. I hit a bunch of electronic events in a given year. I've never been to a hip-hop event before.

While it was interesting, I don't think I'll be attending any more.

Yo yo yo.

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The music was fun. I was pretty impressed with the lyrics - super up-beat and positive. Very cool stuff and man is the lady-mc ever a babe'r!

They had a guest dj spinning tunes (their regular dude was hung up at the border or something). Then they had a band come out and play with them. Some of the beats and stuff were cool, but it wasn't musically mind-blowing or anything. Just cool grooves.

I think the show would be better with their usual dude. It seemed like the new dude wasn't comfortable spinning the DP's music - not much mixing etc during the show.

I like scratch and hip-hop dj stuff - I find it pretty interesting to see what people do with it all. It can be way more engaging and exciting than trance dj-ing although I really prefer trance music to hip-hop...

I wouldn't say the scene was bad. It was just different from what I'm used to and not necessarily what I'm into. Way more posturing and fashionistas. I guess it was mostly the show filler that was a bit off.

There was two opening acts - decent, not phenomenal. While the dj was spinning there was a 'host' mc from Carleton U doing his hip-hop thingy. I found that pretty annoying.

I was well altered so it was all good... just nothing I'm going to search out in the future :-)

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Well this was by far the best night ive ever had at the Phoenix... Security was fairly chill as far as I was concerned... burnin fatties all show long and sharin with everyone around... Digable Planets had so much energy on stage and I have to admit, they didnt make use of having live drums there enough... thatw as the only downfall of the show for me... They are releasing their third album soon and cant wait to hear it... alot of new stuff came out last night and sounded great... all the old tracks from Reachin and BlowOut Comb had the crowd hyped... definitely check them out if they come around again...

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