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wde're still learning how to use the camera

Groove Fetish

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there are a bunch of other good ones- also shots from the Mule and Denson late nights- which was awesome- as was the Will Bernard Sit in and Robert Walter kicked- as did the band that opened for him- two guys- Benvuto or something...I think Peter Applfebaum was sittng in with him but I was in the Denson room mostly..

I'll let the Sanct know as soon as we get things up on a proper website.

Happy new year Everyone!

Here's to so much music I can possible see everything I want to.

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Hey Pete and Tosh

Great pics, soooo glad you werethere at every stage with camera in hand, I had forgotten quite a bit of the NY shows....Denson ...P-Funk!!!! Oh Ya, that was awesome.

I hope you had a wicked NewYears, it was so good to meet you guys, hopefully we'll all get together again sometime soon!

Much Love


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panasonic with a Lieca Lens- it has full manual mode and i think the model is LC5..

its great- I thought that web site was saving it in high resolution...can't you get a button on the upper right hand side that says show original shot? if your using the petertosha, petertosha- you should have full access.

anyway- I currently have a great album to post but nowhere with enough free space to post it all- so I have to really par it down- Boo on rogers for only 10 mbs of space...thats nothing.

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