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Summer Of My Fall


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A woman needs no explanation.

All she needs is love that's true.

Sometimes she finds it where you'd least expect it,

deep down inside of you.

Man, you better duck and cover.

Man, you better drop and roll.

There's just too much time and distance.

There's just too much you don't know.

I opened the door, I opened the window,

she came through the wall.

It was the winter of her spring.

It was the summer of my fall.

... long live nathan moore ...

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it's funny that you post that guigsy...i've been listenin to that song and a couple others on repeat the entire week.

are you coming to ctmf? i'd love some new slip or the smmd set from evolve if it's out there at that point, but i have no high speed. i could burn you some older slip shows if you like. and we could do an exchange?

and yes, long live nathan moore

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hey alexis... hoping to be there for the sunday nite... i need me one last dose of outdoor burt for the year... but yeah, if i can get my computer to co-operate, i could hook ya up with some newer stuff... the last smmd set from high sierra is brilliant, and a couple recent slip sets are decent listens, too... if smmd from evolve gets out there before ctmf, i'll likely have it, and yes, can certainly pass it on... umm, just send me a pm to remind me... chances are between now and then i'll smoke something that'll make me forget.

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Evolve attendees are lucky to get to see Surprise Me Mr.Davis. The show in Burlington was probably the highlight of the year for me so far.

I hope Nathan still has the big food catcher on his face still!

For more, I still have remnants of my gallery on the old crappy server. I'll eventually get them moved over here.

Surprise Me Mr. Davis photos

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