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happy new YEAR! back from asheville.

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nothing but postive things to say about the whole trip.

i loved asheville. the food, artisans, art galleries, and the people were all fantastic. i loved how creative this little town was.

the peel was a cool venue, but thomas wolfe took the cake. it was the most comfortable venue i've ever seen a show at...not one worry the whole time.

the 29th was a nice warm up...but the 30th and 31st was what it was all about.

the evil dance party that was 30th was just fantastic.

31st was MAGIC. such a contained build of tension...when the show finally EXPLODED during brent black i think i popped outside of myself...my most favorite moe. show i've ever seen...

the moe.fia tattoo that some one put on me summed up the weekend wonderfully.


i've seen over 30 moe. shows now and the 30th and the 31st were the best i've ever seen. both the band and the community are reaching levels that i've never seen before...unreal...

i think i need to do snoe.down.

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Really nice looking setlist:

Set 1

Disc 1:

1) Intro

2) New York City

3) Okayalright

4) Conviction Song

5) Shake Yer Hips

6) That Country Tune

7) Not Coming Down>

8) Four

9) Rise

10) St. Augustine

Set 2

Disc 2:

1) Intro

2) Wind It Up

3) Bring You Down>

4) Kids

5) Spine of A Dog>

6) Yodelittle>

7) Lazarus

Set 3

Disc 3:

1) Intro

2) Auld Lang Syne

3) Join Together>

4) Buster>

5) Dr. Graffenberg>

6) Not Coming Down

Disc 4:

1) Hi and Lo>

2) Brent Black

3) Crowd


4) Letter Home

5) Kyle's Song

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