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daniel powter


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Well here i am at the Vancouver Rockspace, a rehearsal facility where I have a weekly friday shift.

Well Daniel Powter's band is in getting tightened up for their cross canada tour with Bryan Adams. They sound awesome from outside the door of their room.

They just got off a european tour before christmas. Totally chill guys. I hope they impress some people.

the song 'bad day' just came over the player on the website and now i know where i know the name from. Awesome. Real pro players. What a great thing to be able to do on a Friday.

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That kat is a little too Bubble Gum for my liking...I met him a few times, as I was bartending in a venue he played quite often. Nice guy, I think the record producers just got ahold of him too tightly, and made what they wanted.(IMHO)

I'm in Vansterdam too CB...we should hook up for a black pint or a green bowl....

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there are few bands that come in here that have impressed me.

slammin jack

rally car

there were a couple of 'indie' acts in.

simon collins sounds awesome too.

Everybody's really nice and it's good times here so i don't really want to badmouth anybody. music is generally a matter of personal taste. I'm just not into overdone covers and overinflation.

I'm just glad people like coming here to be honest. everybody tells me that it's their favourite space to rent - i haven't seen anywhere else so as far as i know they're totally blowing smoke up my ass. the rooms have a really simple PA set up, a drum kit, mics, monitors...no booze sales (bring your own) and no instrument rentals. you can rent amps here too. I just want to make everybody's rehearsals/jams work out for them as much as i can. My coworkers are all awesome and my boss is a sweet lady.

I'm working tomorrow too and I hope to get to hear a lot more of the DP band - what a sexy couple of initials.

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I too, am a fan of the Danny Powter. It may be bubble gum, but holy sh!t what a great job of recording and producing. As well, the album has some really great Macy Gray-like tracks. I heard he recorded the album with the help of his brother producing, and got it to the company. I could be wrong.


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Who cares if your'e wrong. the band does have some macy gray like grooves. bass drums and keys. really tight band with the key vancouver session player - is name's Darren and he had a p-bass with a bridge humbucker (hot rodded) and he was playing flatwounds on the a, d, and g strings while the low E had roundwound strings for that fat low while keeping the other strings glassy and smooth. Great for the formula.

I'd like to hear these guys have their own night somewhere in vancouver but i think that only darren is local.

and yes. pick me up and take me to whistler, phunk nugget. MAYBE WE CAN ABSCOND WITH HUXXY.

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