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RATDOG~3/30/2006 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY ~(Pics Added)


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left at 2pm yesterday just got in the door 6am

got held up at the border this morning coming back

forever..even interagated ! what a long strange trip but definately worth it, my first ratdog show and loved it! Al from Moe. was sitting in to our surprise...such a great bonus to the night!

They did a wild watchtower..and toward the end of the show bobby left for a bit while AL and Ratdog ripped it up into this amazing jam...thats all for now...i gotta sleeeeeep :) peace

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3/30/2006 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY

I: Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > The Music Never Stopped > Queen Jane Approximately, Shade of Grey, Picasso Moon, Tuesday Blues > Iko Iko

II: Jack-A-Row@4, Masters of War@, Victim or the Crime@, Dark Star*, Little Red Rooster* > All Along the Watchtower* > Stuff*, Black Peter > Dark Star*, Two Djinn

E: Johnny B. Goode*

*-w/ Al Schnier; Stuff - Jeff/Jay/Robin/Mark/Kenny(+Al)

Previous "Tuesday Blues" 2002-10-14 [200 shows]

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