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Leonard Cohen Live - celebration


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sorry if this is already posted - happened upon it at a Chapters today: http://www.leonardcohen.com/DearHeather/

On May 13th, the Indigo flagship store will host Leonard Cohen for a special event to celebrate this extraordinary man whose music and writing have touched the heart and soul of so many. This special tribute will feature performances of Leonard Cohen's songs, a preview performance by Anjani, and an appearance by Leonard Cohen. Bay & Bloor Indigo store 55 Bloor Street West on May 13th at 4:00pm

The poster at Chapters also included Ron Sexsmith and some other escaping me now....the poster said 3:45 I would assume get their early.....

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couple of points on this, lest hopes climb too high.

-Leonard Cohen will not be signing at this event. he has presigned 900 copies of his new poetry book "Book of Longing" which will be available first come first serve (i think it retails for 34.95, and should be 20% off)

-he will only sing if the mood strikes him, at this point he is not expected to sing. there will, apparently, be a poetry reading by LC, but thats probably it.

- ron Sexsmith and Barenaked Ladies will do a duet of a cohen tune called, i think "heart of the companion"(correct me if i got the song wrong)

-bay and bloor will apparently be closed off, cuz this event will be a madhouse.

if you go, hope you enjoy it.

oh yeah, people will be lining up by 8 AM im sure.

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