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New Shins Album Leaked


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The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

01 Sleeping Lessons

02 Australia

03 Pam Berry

04 Phantom Limb

05 Sea Legs

06 Red Rabbits

07 Turn on Me

08 Black Wave

09 Spilt Needles

10 Girl Sailor

11 A Comet Appears


After the first listen I'm sad to say I'm a little dissapointed. The perfection that was their last album is hard to top for sure and maybe thats whats souring me . It is good and its nice to hear new Shins songs but nothing is really jumping out at me...maybe over time. Give it a listen for yourself, see what you think.

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Really? I fell in love with "Live/Dead" about four bars into "Dark Star". In fact, I picked up my guitar and was playing along with it during my first listen, which I try not to do with new records.

What did you think you loved at that time? What do you think of that now?

Its a long story.

Or a bong story.



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Some bands have grabbed me instantly in recent years: TSOOL, The White Stripes, The International Noise Conspiracy and even Luna. I bought my first My Morning Jacket album back in 2003 - It Still Moves - and it didn't grab me for a few months, not until Golden started getting a lot of airplay on Galaxie radio in some pubs I frequented at the time. Then it all clicked.

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Actually the album was supposed to come out in Nov. It got leaked then a couple days later the release date was changed to Jan. still not sure hy, can't imagine they changed anything. Its perfect imo.

Give it a few more listens Jay, at first I hated it, now most of my favorite Shins songs are off Wincing.

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