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THE SURLY YOUNG BUCKS last night at CLINTON'S (Toronto)


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that was a great show, Aaron, glad i made it out.

That song Conversation (?) was really cool, my fave of the originals.

kookycanookyadam, a delight to meet you, id love to get a copy of the show if it comes out well, id really like to hear it again.

ps, i seem to be wearing a new, navy blue, SYB shirt. it makes me feel cool just wearing it.


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Deb I can assure you that there is nothing school-related that will be getting in the way of anything music-related in my life.

You want to look for a thread entitled "Surly Young Bucks take a Surly Young Break". Basically, yeah, we've been around since about February, only serious since about July. What can I say? Our lives move quickly. Everybody has other projects they're going to concentrate on now: Max and Mike are recording an EP with Charlemagne, with Dan on the knobs; meantime, Dan has an INCREDIBLE solo record that is done and being mastered right now, and he has put together a band to support the record. I'll be playing pedal steel for him. The guy is incredible, for fans of Ryan Adams etc. You can hear a few tunes at www.dangriffin.ca . My favourite is The Summertime, but there's also Whiskey & Wine, and East Coast, the latter two we play in the Bucks.

So, given all that, the boys think it's realistic to reconvene in the spring after these two records have been pushed a bit, but I'm on the opinion that Dan's new band will serve whatever role the Bucks have been serving. The style will be similar and there will already be a record to push, so I just can't see it making sense to reconvene and put in all that rehearsal. We're all still friends, though.

But we DO have one more show left, and it's going to be a doozy. Thurs November 30 at Pepper Jack's with What The Thunder Said. What say, Deb, you guys feel like treking down to the Hammer? :)

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